Thursday, 13 August 2015

Uber Tesla - 3 Things you should know about #UberBlack

Uber is a heated topic in Hong Kong. Debates about it's business model to government relations to it's  marketing stunts create buzz, ooos and ahhhs in forums and press. Perhaps Uber is most well known for it's signature UberBlack services, and recently they had an Uber Tesla promotion.... and I missed it! However, on a rainy morning, I was feeling under the weather and woke up late for work. In the midst of my struggle trying to wave down a traditional red cab, I pulled out my phone to call for an Uber. I was thrilled to know a Tesla was on the way to pick me up for work! Here goes a couple of things I think you should know when taking Uber Black. 

1. It's less expensive than you think

I used to think I cannot afford an Uber Black trip, but having been on one, it cleared my misconceptions. It is around 20-30% more expensive than a red taxi, depending on the demand and supply dilemma that sets the Uber fares. And, it is totally worth it. My driver Chor was such a sweetheart to call can remind me to bring an umbrella and handed me water and phone charger to make me feel at home, in a Tesla. The car itself was a great experience, and I can share my ETA (expected time of arrival) and location to friends, family and boss if you are stuck in traffic. 

2. They drive celebrities around as a full time job

As I chatted with my driver, we discussed more about the partnership structure Uber has in Hong Kong. He mentioned that he is a full time driver at a licensed limo fleet company that partners with hotels and restruants to get VIPs around town. Hence Uber is utilising resources in the society to help ease the traffic pain in HK. 

3. There's quite a lot of them around

It's always been a struggle to flag down taxis in Hong Kong AND to convince them to get you where you want to go, even though there seems to be quite a lot of them strolling around. With Uber, there's always a few of them within 5-10 mins from me, and they pick up the order pretty quickly. From the couple of times I have used Uber, the Black cars seem to always be in stock :) 

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  1. About Uber black driver “An Uber Black driver needs to be a bit more patient and attentive to the service details of the limo industry. If you have a natural instinct to think about others and are willing to open doors and stock your car with water, phone chargers, etc”
    Manikandan U

  2. Thanks John! Yes indeed, the Uber Black drivers I have come across in Hong Kong are very polite and willing to go the extra mile to make my ride a smooth one :)