Sunday, 22 November 2015

Macau Grand Prix 2015

How exciting! I looove cars :D Although I may not have the most comprehensive knowledge on all the latest models, I greatly appreciate their design and engineering. In fact,  when I was still in high school, I picked up a car racing magazine in the careers office (yes, what a wonderful school) and on the cover there was a female F1 engineer, truly admiring. Then I wanted to be one until I failed my Physics quite miserably lol Oh wellz, I did well in Fine Arts, so at least I will keep on drawing and dreaming ;) Many thanks to Jeremy, we had a great time at the race in Macau!

And this Mercedes–Benz SLS AMG GT3 won the GT World Cup Macau! Congratulations Maro Engel and Mercedes AMG Driving Academy :)

This McLaren redefines what it means by a "shiny car". 

The VITA Lemon Tea Aston Martin is definitely the cutest. 

We were very fortunate to have the perfect weather. The sound of a car/ motorbike flying past is really really loud, kinda still ringing in my head that night. The venue gave out ear plugs and even so, it was just bearable. 

We watched from 10am till 4pm... had a few (super yummy) grilled chicken wings and lemon tea in between, but we were starving. We were very grateful to Jeremy's auntie for bringing us to the legendary Lord Stow's Bakery for the Portuguese egg tart ( Omnomnom. 

In my normal piggy fashion, right after my egg tart there's dinner. We went to the legendary O"Manuel Conzinha Portuguesa for food. Check out their TripAdvisor page for the full review

Everyday they have something fresh and special, do ask the boss for daily recommendations.

And how can you visit without watching the signature Water Dance performance? Yup, we were on the third row and the first two were given rain jackets... we got a splash or two. Although I was a little lost along the storyline, it was a stunning performance. I kept wondering how some of the effects were possible in a relatively small space... a lot was happening, all at once. 

So the show concluded an eventful day in Macau, make sure you check it out here

Some practical information on how to get to Macau from Hong Kong

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