Saturday, 1 August 2015

Club Med - Dong'ao Island Resort

That's my view for the afternoon.

A weekend getaway to the Club Med in Dong'ao. I never realise the island is so close to Hong Kong! However there's no direct public transport linking the two, one will have to take the ferry to Zhuhai then to Dongao. If you look on the map, the island is a little closer to Lantau island and Macau than Zhuhai. It feels so close, yet so far... that's because it's rather remote, and feels very different. 

Club Med's greatest asset is their staff. They are truly passionate and enthusiastic about their job. My friend Jennifer worked in the Maldives resort and greatly enjoyed her experience, we came along with her to this one and we now understand why. Their staff will go over and beyond to make every customer's stay a special one. They would dress up and put on shows in the evening, and they will sit with you at dinner to discuss how was your day. 

We had four sea-view rooms and our balcony had stunning views overlooking the beach and pool.  This Med Club resort is relatively new, and we arrived in time for it's official opening! Hence things are new and sparkly, however they may need a little work on their out door pool. The pool is turning slightly green because of the algae, so I opt for the beach. They also have a superior indoor pool, which is temperature controlled, mosquito and algae free!

The indoor pool sparkles! But we didn't find it until the last day...

The rooms were spacious and the service was smooth. The bathtubs and beds were separated by a glass wall, which amplifies to the bright and sizeable design. Of course, there is an electric blind that will roll down by a tap of a button, when you need it.

The idea of a resort is that all meals are included... I was never hungry since I set foot on the island. They had buffet set up most hours of the day and the food variety is very broad. 

This resort is very family friendly, and pretty much any activities you can think of, you can do there. Most of the things are included except for spa treatments and some water sports. 

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