Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Beautiful Boston

Harvard igniting conference on social innovation 2013

When I was exchanging in Toronto, I happened to come across this conference on the web and figured I would thoroughly enjoy it. It's only 2 days away, and I had another conference in between; with limited travelling time and budget, I decided to take the 12 hr Greyhound and fly back the next morning. I was lucky that the prices were still affordable in such short notice.

On the Bus: 

Friday night at the Toronto Greyhound terminal is full of individuals who head 12+ hours to see their loved ones. So I met two rather interesting individuals:

  • A lovely gentleman working on a Si-Fi TV programme in Toronto
  • A young charming man working for the Canadian government on some engineering project wanting to start his own business - He was reading the game of Thrones and on the way to visit his girlfriend in NYC's fashion industry

In Boston:

  • Katrina - thanks you for being so welcoming and having the passion and enthusiasm to organise this event 
  • Amy - thank you for being such and encouraging girl with an infectious smile, thanks for prompting me to do the video... I love yours!
  • Jarred Weiss and your team - thank you for providing such an awesome experience and I have never felt so confident about introducing myself. Your talk and workshop had been very inspirational, everyone should have an Overture! (
  • Kunho Kim- thank you for being so welcoming and kept in touch, would love to come back and visit!
  • Kami Choi - thank you for enlightening my day by saying "AHHH! You're the girl from Toronto!"  in the bathroom :)
  • Matt Aguirre- thank you for giving me a personal tour round Harvard, lecturing me on the US education system, updating me in the recent research on cancer, bringing me to the most delicious pizza place, watching  "Behind the Labels" documentary with me, offering me your couch and giving up your time even though you had an assignment due late lol
  • My taxi driver - "it's 3am in the morning, I can't just let you stand on the streets", thank you for taking me on, even though you were already heading somewhere. And you also offered a friend we passed by a lift, very kind of you!
  • Charles Juliano - What a small world, the other passenger who was on the taxi worked in the same company as me, or, it's a big company?
  • Many more individuals who have made Boston my must-return city :)

"Everyday is an adventure, thanks to those who've made it a memorable one"

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